Micki Balder has today released her new single titled ‘Lonely’, from her upcoming EP dropping this fall.

Right away I can hear that personality that Micki has. It shines through her music. It’s fun and inspiring. A perfect song for the hind end of summer. Definitely a happy song for sad people. Or, is it? I’ll let you listen to the lyrics and judge for yourself. At the very least, the song is inspiring and a fun track to listen to alone or with that special someone.

About Micki Balder

Micki Balder is a folksy singer-songwriter writing sad songs for happy people (and ever so occasionally, happy songs for sad people!). Her music is born from a life-long desire to be a character in a musical, unapologetically singing her feelings for the world through simple and poignant lyrics. Though she’s been dabbling with music her whole life, it wasn’t until 2018 when a friendship’s moment of truth unveiled itself in the middle of a Denver coffee shop. She walked home, wrote a song, and has been writing ever since, now a regular at local music venues around her Colorado home.

Micki writes from a place of vulnerable storytelling, with people and relationships at the core of her music. She’s been compared to modern folk bands like The Weepies and Mipso, along with classic songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon, but she draws inspiration from all over the spectrum — the swing and soul music of her lindy hop days, the earthy folk of Gregory Alan Isakov and Mandolin Orange, the candor and dry humor of John Craigie, or the heartbreak of Sara Bareilles, to name a few.

About ‘Lonely’

Micki Balder debuts her new single “Lonely” on September 2 ahead of her highly anticipated EP, releasing later this fall. “Lonely” was written while in what Balder refers to as “the throes of misery that is dating.” Having written several songs with consistent themes of heartbreak and frustration, Balder was beginning to feel as if she was stuck in an endless cycle… until a funky strum pattern opened up a new place of songwriting within her.

The light-hearted track moves away from Balder’s folk tendencies with lyrics that reflect what she wishes someone would sing to her to melt all her frustrations away. “I think we all get a little bogged down by the sad and lonely parts of life sometimes, and this song was just about crafting a version of hope that worked for the moment, just to get through it,” says Balder. The burgeoning artist goes on to describe the single as riding a line of “hopeful melancholy” – a trait found in much of her previous catalog as well. “Lonely” is the first tease to Balder’s upcoming EP and will be available on all major platforms on September 2nd.

Featured image by Adrienne Thomas.