You may remember our past review of Mohawk Radio’s “Halfway To Heaven” album or our Jammerzine Exclusive interview with the band. If you have then get ready for this. They’ve raised the bar! Take a listen to their new single “Two Million Heartbeats”.

I have a confession. I absolutely love the vocals of Mia Page. She has the power and the soul to not only make you fall in love with whatever she’s singing but she also has the conviction to get you to listen and believe in what she’s singing. And the rest of the band perfectly encircles her persona with the talent and creativity that, not a band, but only a family achieve.


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About Mohawk Radio & “Two Million Heartbeats”:
On the back of two successful EP releases, Mohawk Radio release their first official single on 19th February, “2 Million Heartbeats”, a truly heartfelt rock track filled with all the passion and dynamic power expected from this hugely talented Stockport based band.

Mohawk Radio are a vibrant and diverse rock band, whose inventive sound genre hops between foot stomping and riff heavy songs, to emotive soft rock/pop ballads, and “2 Million Heartbeats” exemplifies that in one hit. With Mia Page’s resoundingly gorgeous vocals providing the emotive punch, the musicians drift between captivating melodies and the occasional explosion of overwhelming, cut loose riffs to give the song an edge and separate it from a typical love ballad.

After watching Fleetwood Mac in the illustrious Madison Square Garden in New York, lead singer Mia Page set about writing the song, which lyrically has similar virtues to that of a Stevie Nicks inspired musing, “Lightning strikes/ not once not twice / but all my life
I need oceans/ So deep and so unknown” is just one line which carries such heartfelt and sentimental prowess.

The actual idea for the title came after mishearing an advert as Mia states, “I heard it in a commercial about having 2 billion heartbeats in a lifetime, but I miss heard it for 2 million. I just thought it was such a wonderful idea. The idea of loving someone with every heartbeat you have in your life. From the first breath to the last….From the cradle to the grave.”

Mohawk Radio are made up of lead singer, Mia Page, who originates from Bermuda and landed in Manchester a few years ago to follow her musical dream, and three local Stockport musicians, James Gregory on lead guitar, Sean Frankland on bass, and David Quinn on drums. It’s their collective influences and unique band chemistry that make Mohawk Radio one of the most exciting rock bands in recent times, as the influence of heavy rock musicianship meets a powerful and alluring rock vocal. “If Cher met Metallica” is one way of describing it.

The track was recorded with Nick Hollis at LMC records studio in Buxton, and is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent record labels. The band will celebrate the launch of the single with a headline gig at Club Academy, Manchester on 20th February. Tickets are sure to sell fast given the continued rise of the band’s fandom.

“It was no surprise to me that our listeners voted in their hundreds to crown Mohawk Radio as Stockport’s Finest.  Mia has an amazing voice and a striking on stage persona; she is backed up by a tight band with well structured songs. Mohawk Radio deserve any success that comes their way – let them take you to Rock ‘n Roll Heaven.” Paul Holloway, Presenter, Pure 107.8 FM

“One of my hottest tips for the future! Everything about them is alluring as they interchange between a variety of rock genres. Mia is vocalist that simply should be seen and heard…a true rock star in the making!” Sonic Bandwagon

“Judging from the hoards of people that watched them, then left before the main act even set foot on the stage, it’s fair to say that they’ll be launched further into the spotlight sooner rather than later.” God Is In The Tv