Monette is set to release her new single titled ‘Monotony’ on October 16. Monette combines her sense of song and combines that with her own brand of slow burning electro-pop that simmers and boils over with that slow build to a digital eargasm and gives that dark introverted personality a UV spotlight of originality.

About Monette

Monette AKA Andrea Fernandez Santillan is an Electro Pop artist (Singer, Composer, Producer) from Mexico who has her own take on the genre. Monette’s melodies and harmonies wouldn’t sound out of place on the multi million selling ‘Drive’ soundtrack, it’s Pop with a dark touch. Think Lady Gaga teaming up with New Order and you’re halfway there.

“I was born in Morelia, Mexico and I have been singing and composing since I was 9 years old. After performing in several bands, in 2017 I started this new project as a solo artist, with the desire of expressing my ideas about society, its rules, and the world’s problems.”

‘Monotony’ is the first single from the upcoming album ‘Fantasy’ which has an 80’s vibe whilst somehow sounding futuristic at the same time. ‘Fantasy’ is a concept album and will take the listener to a dystopian world where everything is created to be perfect but certainly isn’t.

In Monette’s own words “Music that sends you to the future” and ‘Monotony’ is where that journey begins.