mynameisleonidas has today dropped his new single titled ‘periergo’ Nothing mynameisleonidas does needs capital letters because his music already stands out. The originality factor is already above the roof and the genre hopping is now genre creating to an extant because of said originality. New art is only created when it has added substance to the universe. Enough said.

About mynameisleonidas

mynameisleonidas is an artist from an undisclosed location somewhere on earth. we still haven’t met, nor spoken; all we know he’s a he. the music is a unique blend of the best sounds in pop, rock, and hip hop, occasionally sprinkled with vintage greek lyra and polish spoken word. this could either lead us to find out more about him, or simply lead us up the garden path. one thing we know for sure, much though his past remains a blur, he most definitely is a beacon for our future.

Fresh off of being named one of Pigeons & Planes’ Best New Artists of June, the Kitsuné-backed enigma known as mynameisleonidas has released his latest single “periergo.” The song continues the producer’s streak for unorthodox arrangements within lo-fi R&B, building from a humbly recorded acoustic guitar to a bass-boosted, menacing affair. Meaning “weirdo” in Greek, “periergo” is, according to the artist, “about the fact that I am in lack of affection sometimes, so I have to fill the void with self-motivation.”

Arriving out of thin air with his signing to the respected Parisian label Kitsuné earlier this year, mynameisleonidas rapidly built a name around his genre-sprawling production and deeply guarded anonymity. Early single “elevate in the village” received praise from This Song Is Sick and Pigeons & Planes, while recent single “please don’t run” opened the curtain further by revealing the artist was inspired by family divides after becoming a father.

One of the most enigmatically anonymous artists to join Kitsuné Musique’s roster, mynameisleonidas has avoided sharing virtually any information on his personal life until releasing last month’s “please don’t run,” which came with a brief, yet tantalizing quote from the producer.

“please don’t run’ is a song i wrote for my sister,” he writes in a statement. “she’s trying to run away from me just because i became a father.”

For all the things we don’t know about the virtually anonymous artist, mynameisleonidas has painted a vivid portrait through his debut singles with Kitsuné. Sprinkling in vintage greek lyra and polish spoken word, his music has already netted features on Apple Music’s New In Alternative playlist, while pushing a unique blend of the best sounds in pop, rock, and hip hop to their most dizzying, yet exciting conclusions.