Nele Needs A Holiday releases the first single, We’ll See from her album, Love Yeah, a track which perfectly demonstrates her achingly emotive vocals and utterly immersive song-writing talent. Nele (pronounced “Nail-a”) writes songs about the tragedies of everyday life – capsules of time where it feels like the world is collapsing around you but are forgotten soon after – love songs which feature arguments, fears, doubts, loss and strange encounters and show how people really react in relationships, rather than the pages in a comic book. We’ll See is accompanied by an inspired video which revels in the paradoxes and dark humor of Nele’s music.

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Committed to playing her music live, Nele has assembled a seven-strong all-female touring band with matching stage outfits, entirely keeping with the visual style of her songs – indeed, her intention is to create a music video for each song on the album. Her music is part Bette Midler theatrical show tune and part profound torch-song, but with an overriding Adam Green-esque eyebrow raised at the absurdity of life.

Also a successful theatre director, her musical, How to Fail at Being Perfect, produced by the Lyric Hammersmith, shortly begins its second run, followed by a performance at the 2018 Latitude Festival.