Niteshifters debut single delivers an instant disco classic – ‘Show Me What You’ve Got’ features Khadija Jajue on lead vocals, with her full live band laying down the deepest, tightest grooves.

Sweet vocals weave a classic story of love, she’s in, but she needs to know for sure… So whether you’re throwing down on the dance floor or you need to prove your love, this is a song about you. The Niteshifters mix sits perfectly in a set of classic disco – aficionados will recognize that this sound could have been crafted in a recording room during New York’s Studio 54 heyday, a signature intro gives birth to a killer groove and a vocal line that will stay in your head long after the night is over.

The Tom Cross remix is exactly what we have come to expect from this talented young producer. A slick sound with a dope bass line, ready to drop hard in a deep house set. It’s the perfect treatment to place this track in a cutting edge 2017 set.

Harry Valentine’s mix will keep the vibe going all night – a perfect mid-set uplifting funky house number with a relentless groove.

Niteshifters is a London based production outfit recording and producing dance music for today’s party people. The brainchild of producer Ed Moris (Randy Crawford/Jocelyn Brown/Flying Fish/Cooking/NinjaTune/ Hospital) Niteshifters blends classic disco sounds with killer songs and modern live production, providing an escape from the frenetic stresses life, propelling you to glittering new orbits.

This is the debut single from the forthcoming album ‘Huge Disco’ which celebrates the joyful sounds of original disco, written with a modern head and a timeless sound.