North America switches gears from their last single with a new set of softer tones with their new single titled ‘Leave Us To Fate’. Sounding as an ‘ode to resignation’ on one level and an ‘anthem to healing’ on another, North America shows that they’ve been where we’ve all been before with that love now lost and that lesson learned.  Healing has a beautiful side with the ambiance of this track and how the music follows the mood in ways only true artists know how to convey. Simply beautiful.

About North America

East London quintet North America releases new single ‘Leave Us To Fate’. A rolling ballad encompassed in ethereal guitar work, the song is a bittersweet reflection on love’s subjugation to fate.

Frontman P.F. Phillip says, “Leave Us To Fate is a bittersweet goodbye to love now lost, a reminiscence of a romance that inevitably could not be.” Torn apart by separation, the protagonist encourages himself and his former lover to live and carry on, while admitting to a hopeless desire that they meet again in an unknown future.

Written, recorded, produced and released by the band themselves, ‘Leave Us To Fate’ is a cathartic release of emotion that encapsulates the band’s lyrical poeticism and sense of indie grandeur.

North America is a London based 5-piece creating viscerally energetic and introspective indie-rock that embodies the anthemic quality of their songwriting. Hailing from São Paulo and California, frontman P.F. Phillip met guitarists Gabe Coulter, Jack Rennie, bassist Sandro Giacometti, and drummer Sam Roberts at the world-famous Metropolis Studios before forming North America in 2017 over a refined appreciation of trashy American comedies and questionable pizza joints.