Sultry with dirty guitars and smooth like an aged whiskey, the new track from Florida’s own Nulberry titled ‘Vegan Chicken’ tops it all off with a quirky title and dreamy guitar to encapsulate the idea of the perfect sleepy summer hit.

'Vegan Chicken' cover.
‘Vegan Chicken’ cover.

About Nulberry
Nulberry is an Indie Rock band from Daytona, FL. Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Cory Lott’s complex melodies glued together with simplistic indie-pop vocals and dreamy synth textures creates a unique Indie-math-pop fusion. Lott’s influences draw heavily from The Microphones, Pavement, Modest Mouse, The Unicorns, and Delta Sleep.

Nulberry was formed in 2017 as a duo with founding members Lott and Cameron Miller (percussion). They later acquired Joe Boxell (synthesizer) and Cory Tanner (bass) and are now releasing their first single Vegan Chicken on June 24th, 2018. Nulberry is currently in the studio working on new material for their first EP.

SOURCE: Official Bio