obylx dropped the latest in his single releases, this one titled ‘Satellite’. With a pristine modulated vocal track backed by full danceable rhythms and cinematic soundscapes, obylx takes a third-person point of view into his own self described ‘mind forest’ into what becomes a string of stand-alone and strong singles. This is a unique concept, in my opinion, because obylx is capturing moments of his creative mind once a month into a string of songs that become albums: Once (in 2018) and Twice (in 2019).

With ‘Satellite’, we get a musical introspection from whom I assume is an introvert (like me) with a smooth backbeat and solid hook that frames said introspective lyrics into the mindset fit for that person who gains knowledge from art.

obylx describes ‘Satellite’ as, “a song about the helpless feeling of being an observer on your own life”.

About obylx

obylx’s music can regularly be found on established playlists such as Spotify’s Creamy, Electronic Rising and Chill Tracks, Apple Music’s Best Of The Week and As Heard in Apple Ads. His music has also been heard soundtracking content across media platforms including Apple iPhone releases, Formula 1 Grand Prix highlights, O2 UK television adverts.

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Inspired by classic tales of lost souls heading to the wilderness to find purpose, in late 2017 Oliver Johnson decided he too should embark on his own journey. He created a fictional wanderer called obylx to use as a vessel to chronicle his discovery of self and dreamt up a mind forest which he could enter during his meditations on life. Since January 2018, obylx has released a new song on the first day of each month. Each December these monthly tracks are expanded into a full album, Once (in 2018) and Twice (in 2019).

obylx draws from a wide spectrum of reference points, citing influence from the likes of Bowie, Grandaddy, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, and Randy Newman. His many-faceted sound cannot be tied to the shackles of genre, and embodies elements of indie disco, electronica, neo-classical and pop comparable to the likes of Jungle and Parcels. However, he is just as comfortable with leaning towards purer indie sensibilities and sounds that draw parallels to that of Tame Impala.

Drawing on elements of his distinctive idiosyncratic formula, here obylx creates a modern indie disco track. ‘Satellite’ pairs recurrent rhythms with well-modulated vocals as the listener is taken on their own metaphorical journey through spacious soundscapes. The laidback tone radiates with positive energy, striking a contrast to some of the more sober lyrics.

Photo Credit: Wide-Eyed Studio