Oscar Corney drops a stellar and polished track in the form of his new song titled ‘World Alive’. Oscar really shows off said songwriting skills and then some with a track that is both powerful an filled with hooks.

About Oscar Corney & World Alive
Having supported JP Cooper, won an NMG award for Best Male Solo Artist and featured in the Undiscovered Artist of the Year with Fender, independent singer-songwriter Oscar Corney returns with ‘World Alive’, September 14th.

‘World Alive’ will be available to stream September 14th.

After collaborating with the likes of Keeno (Hosptial Records) and Moe Aly (Sony Music), and touring the Image may contain: 1 person, playing a musical instrument and guitar. UK supporting JP Cooper, Lucy Spraggan, and The Dunwell, Oscar Corney has focused on songwriting and recording, returning with ‘World Alive’, demonstrating Oscar’s raw gravely vocals.

Taking inspiration from James Bay, Ben Howard and Kings of Leon, Corney has developed a unique songwriting style and vocals which he has taken across the UK on tour, as well as in session with the likes of Sofar Sounds and BBC Introducing Cambridge and coverage in DIY and Acoustic Magazine.

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