Thumpingly experimental with plenty of sonic twists and turns, today we offer two new tracks from the electro-wizards known as Pas Musique. I’ll start this review off with something I heard one of my favorite guitarists, Reeves Gabrels (The Cure, David Bowie, Tin Machine), say about his influences in an interview with the now defunct Guitar For The Practicing Musician. He had said that some of his greatest influences came from noises he heard, such as a broken escalator or a pair of airbrakes. I feel that when I hear Pas Musique. That their influences are real world and not so much music. That the white noise that some of us take for granted can actually be some of the most beautiful sounds around us. These obscure influences that may only be known to Pas Musique are evident in ‘A Finnish Bedtime Story’ ‘Electronic Brain’ in that they lie in between the music and life. Those are the influences we need to stop and listen to.

‘The Phoenix’, the new album from Pas Musique, will be available for digital download across online stores and streaming platforms. It will also be offered on red vinyl as a limited edition release. Already now, it can be pre-ordered via the label’s Bandcamp.

About Pas Musique
New York-based electronic collective Pas Musique has announced details of their new album ‘The Phoenix’, to be released via the Alrealon Musique label on March 1. Ahead of that, they are previewing two very different tracks – ‘A Finnish Bedtime Story’ and ‘Electronic Brain’.

Comprised of 7 tracks, ‘The Phoenix’ presents a diverse palette of experimental electronic music – with some tracks flowing and building, while others are packed with industrial crunch and a notable hint of krautrock.

This album follows up the latest album solely from the collective, ‘Inside the Spectrum’, a 2015 limited edition album inspired by space and philosophy. The title track was originally released by Wire Magazine as part of its ‘Wire Tapper’ compilation. In 2018, they also released ‘Composited Reality’ in collaboration with Rapoon, based on field recordings that originate from Brooklyn, Indonesia, and Newcastle, England.

Founded by Robert L. Pepper in 1995, Pas Musique emerged from Brooklyn, New York as a solo project around abstract sound. Since then it has developed into a collective that has gone through many variations of experimental, electronic iterations.

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Today, Pas Musique remain as a four-piece consisting of Jon V Worthley, Michael Durek, Jesse Fairbairn and Robert Pepper, pursuing the musical elements of electronic, experimental music with krautrock undertones. Pas Musique has collaborated with many great musicians, including Faust, Rapoon, ZEV, Philippe Petit, HATI, Chester Hawkins, Jim Tuite and many more.

Their sound has been influenced by the likes of Zoviet France, Faust, Coil, Rapoon and Alien Sex Fiend.

Pas Musique is a successful touring entity, having performed in 18 countries and all throughout the United States. In fact, ‘The Phoenix’ was developed during the Pas Musique 2016 Indonesian tour and their 2017 European tour.

“This music was influenced by the experiences we had while during these tours. There are no lyrics but there are vocals, which are improvised sounds,” says Robert Pepper.

“When growing up, I listened to a lot of punk and metal. Most of the time I couldn’t understand what the vocalists were saying unless I read the lyric sheet, but the sounds the vocalists made were amazing. So I try to use the same idea but producing improvised vocal sounds by mimicking the style of punk/metal vocalists.”

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“Pas Musique recall an industrial that once was, such cacophonous and ominously bustling sounds from the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Zoviet France, or more modern wreckers of civilization like the Belgian duo Silk Saw”
– PopMatters

“Constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music, ranging from trippy to introspective and glitch experimentalism with drone effects… Like neurons firing impulses on all cylinders… contrasted by lightly biting buzzsaw nicks, much electro-knob-twiddling, and a menacing sonic undercurrent”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“Makes the incomprehensible seem familiar and easily digestible… covers an ungodly amount of musical ground without sacrificing listenability”
– Slug Magazine

“A sonic painting where the colors have been replaced by sounds and where the style is totally abstract and into modernism”
– Side-Line Magazine

“PAS Musique is able to stretch the very boundaries of electronic music that is creative, engaging and thought-provoking”
– WRUV Reviews

“There’s an appealing if appropriately bizarre flow to everything, and it would be difficult for me to call this anything less than effective sound art”
– Scene Point Blank