The music of George Holman is released under an apt moniker – his songs are strikingly beautiful yet emotionally touching; the affectation of a peacock underpinned by George’s sincerity.

George has been writing music from his home in Exeter since he was sixteen. Influenced by Elliott Smith and The Smiths, George’s music stems from melodies that he picks on the guitar and lyrics that flow directly from his feelings.

He explains “I don’t really know where my inspiration comes from because it comes through at random times. I write melodies down all the time, sometimes I’ll never play that song again, but here and there an idea will become a song. I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature; the trees,mthe wind, the sea…”

As someone who has experienced emotional struggles and mental health issues, George uses music as a means of coping with them. “I think my best songs comes from a really deep and horrible place. I really don’t think I would write anything if I hadn’t suffered from any mental illness. Creating is cathartic.”

BBC Radio 6 Music and some of the UK’s most respected music sites are praising Peacock Affect, though for George this will never be more important than his creative output. “For me, music isn’t about providing a means to become rich and famous, I just feel really good to know that people want to listen to what I create because my lyrics are deeply personal. I feel comfortable in my own skin and whether I’m in a good mood or a bad mood, I have my music.”

Both tracks on the double A side single ‘The Heaven Smiles’ and ‘Wallflower’ see George’s beautiful vocals floated over intricate acoustic guitars, producing a sound that is utterly mesmerising.

Live Dates:
25th Nov: Ronnie Scott’s, London, United Kingdom

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