Phase Materia give a truly electrifying performance in the form of their new single titled ‘Golden Teacher’. The track is solid from start to finish with a wonderful syncopation between the rhythm and the guitars that not only give this song a solid foundation but a canvas on which to slather on the harmonizing wall of vocals. With hints of 60s retro-chic and 80s alt-post-modern, Phase Materia really finds a home with their unique blend of creativity and originality.

‘Golden Teacher’ drops today on all digital platforms.

“Golden Teacher came as our initiation into this current world of symbols… a kind of threshold we were introduced to. Lyrically, it’s as literal as we’re allowed to say. Everything was written in a single night, but true to form, we refined it via the proper apparatus.”

About Phase Materia

Phase Materia is a psychic rock band currently resonating in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Dissolving and congealing with the world around them, the group was formed by brothers Connor and Austin Smith as a recording project which came alive in the spring of 2019. Together with long-time friends, Owen Shartle (guitar) and Dustin Cain (bass) they seek to create hermetic realities incased in deep, vibrant layers of sound.

Blending elements of neo-psych rock with lavish, dream pop melodies, Phase Materia attracts listeners like hallucinatory moths. Their orchestral keyboards swirl around intricate guitars, while a harmonic bass leaps from the rhythmic scaffolding. Smith’s vocals weave in polyrhythms as he leads a guided tour into an alchemical world of symbols. Together they invite the mind to wander through a doorway to the aether beyond.

For such a young band, Phase Materia’s approach to their craft is undeniable. Their personal ethic is reflected in the mantra: “The Great Work can be done, but is never finished.”