1. Tear The Blinds Phoam 3:57

Phoam is set to drop their new single titled ‘Tear The Blinds’ on April 1st, 2022. A decadent blend of electronica and rock with a dedication to the construction of the song, the soul penetrates the vocals and gives them a signature sound through the glorious white noise and rhythmic concussion sound to create a song that is much heart as it is hard. There is honestly no other way to describe this with a first listen other than this way. This is originality in it’s rawest form. Rock. Rave. Rhythm

About Phoam

Phoam is reluctance and outburst, buildup and severance. Calculated tracks connected to the everlasting battle of inner emotions. Uncompromising tension on the edge of conflict. Salvation comes from the inside and must be found by each individual. And what a better way to do this than on the dancefloor.