1. The Rat (ft Jordan Klassen) Plain Mister Smith 3:23

Plain Mister Smith has today released his new single titled ‘The Rat’, featuring Jordan Klassen. Collaborations can be good or bad. Or original. This is definitely original. Outside of the box, if you will. That magic moment when matter and anti-matter collide, except without all of the massive destruction. This is one of those tracks that. being a musician myself, wished I was in the room when this song was written. The ‘turned left when I thought you would turn right’ attitude within the construct and the original chord progression that still, somehow, makes a memorable hook, is a lesson in songwriting and puts a grin on my face because Plain Mister Smith is proof that #indie is still original.

‘The Rat’ is out today. The EP drops October 8th.

About Plain Mister Smith

One evening, Mark Jowett (Moev, Cinderpop) woke up and there was a man in a pin striped suit with a globular head looking at him. Mark couldn’t figure out if it was a freaky stranger, a ghost, or one of his own musical personas exemplified.

Plain Mr. Smith explained he grew up in many places. He had dreams of making it BIG. He would travel the world and work hard and Big times would come. However, the River of life got in the way and he keeps getting lost down tributaries of fantasy and folly. Will he ever make it back to the land of normalcy? Who’s to say.

Travel in his leaky kayak down some of these tributaries and you will see islands of absurdity, beauty, poignancy. Plain Mr. Smith gets trapped in airports, is terrified of aliens, and hangs with Mr. Tomfoolery in the streets of Chiswick. He talks to cats but who doesn’t.