Punt Guns officially release their new track and video titled ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’ on Jammerzine. Featuring the vocal debut of bassist Karisma, there couldn’t be a better debut than ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’. The song is a sucker punch to the senses and a hard hit to the ears.

The pandemic actually feels a bit more isolating now after hearing this track because I can’t help but think ‘Why does all the best live music have to come out when there are no concerts?’. ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’ is one of those tracks. This song was meant for the crowd and I can’t wait for the day that it’s played live for those crowds. Keep this song at the ready.

About Punt Guns

Punt Guns propel their artistic direction to exponential heights in ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’. Distorted, reverberating guitar and powerful vocals set the tone, with energetic, electric sounds flowing throughout.

Taking their listeners on an otherworldly experience from start to finish, Punt Guns’ daring nature and sense of originality never cease to amaze.

Building an expansive soundscape through their use of instrumentation in their new single, Punt Guns experiment with climactic melodies and intense, bold lyrics, formulating a spectacular creation.

Speaking of the release, Karisma said:

“The story behind The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe unfolded during a visit to producers and musicians in Montreal with Samura1. One of the producers we met asked us point blank why I was not singing for Punt Guns. That hit me hard and upon my return to the UK I started to acclimatize with the idea of being front man, something I had not envisaged before.

This track was my first go at singing as well as playing bass. Samura1, our producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg were immensely supportive and the lyrics and vocal lines for this track were created! This track is a chase, a pursuit of all things in our lives that carry a higher purpose.”

On listening to the demo for the first time, producer Andy Wright said:

“Yeah, it was an epic vocal journey from scratch for this track. Both Karisma and I experimented with vocal lines & sound options and we even arrived at whistling with some rap on it!”

Samura1 and Karisma formed Punt Guns in 2017. Finding an alliance with producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg (Simple Minds, Jeff Beck) they have forged an apocalyptic sci-fi love epic that will find disciples globally. Additional remixes by Hong Kong-based Janette Slack (1.C.A.R.U.S.) and Future Funk Squad’s Glen Nichols (B1g Bang) make up the set. Punt Guns’ ‘duck-signer in chief’ Esteban Ron creates Punt Guns’ exclusive visual graphics including the Mighty Duck Emblem.

The Buenos Aires-based graphic designer has branded Punt Guns from the start of their journey and continues to build their striking image as they evolve. With numerous successes already under their belt, Punt Guns have spent the last 2 years establishing their distinct style and sound, and their journey is a marvel to watch.