Swedish indie-rockers Pwned By Gravity has released their debut single All My Might on ADS Records. The melancholy indie-rock song arrives with searching guitars and restless drums alongside dark melodies and is the lead track from their new EP Time and Time Again.

Inspired by British rock royalty Radiohead and Muse and hailing from Nykoping, a quiet Seaside town ten miles from Stockholm, the young four-piece write songs that combine their shared influences but establishes their own sound – a dark, wistful and epic brand of indie-pop that’s sure to gain them new fans in the UK and beyond.

“All My Might is about desert sand, brackish water and lots and lots of guitar” explains vocalist/guitarist and lyricist Alvin Blomberg cryptically. “But it’s also about being manipulated and deceived by someone you adore and how that affects your relationship.”