Charmingly dissonant and pristinely rooted in music history, Pylon Reenactment Society reaffirm their underground legend status with a double dose of single solidarity in the form of ‘Messenger’ and ‘Cliff Notes’. The classic Pylon is still firmly here and rooted in Rock with no plans to expire but with a touch of that extra something that makes you go ‘Fuck Yeah’ to the masses and ‘Hell No’ to the establishment.

Pylon Reenactment Society released their ‘Part Time Punks Session’ EP in 2017 via Chunklet Industries, a hip Atlanta-based tastemaker record label founded by Henry Owings. At the end of 2018, they released a 7” vinyl single of two original songs – ‘Messenger’ and ‘Cliff Notes’, with distribution more widely following in 2019. It is now available both via Bandcamp and at independent music stores.

About Pylon Reenactment Society
Pylon Reenactment Society is fronted by former Pylon frontwoman Vanessa Briscoe Hay, whose inimitable vocal textures and phrasing defines Pylon’s sound for most listeners. A sonic powerhouse, Hay also numbered among Paste Magazine’s list of “The 25 Greatest Front Women of All Time”.

Pylon Reenactment Society formed from the ashes of Pylon, one of the most influential bands at the outset of what became known as the ‘Athens, GA music scene’, along with other frontrunners The B-52’s and R.E.M. Over 30 years ago, these three bands were heavily featured in the original feature documentary ‘Athens, GA: Inside/Out’, propelling them into the international spotlight.

Despite their massive success in North America, Pylon performed only in the U.K. (back in 1980), but never performed on mainland Europe. Fans in Europe will be treated to this rare opportunity to see Hay and her new band perform a mix of Pylon songs and new original material.

Pylon Reenactment Society (a.k.a. Pylon Reenactment Society) was founded in 2014, five years after Pylon’s celebrated history came to a sudden end in 2009 with the death of guitarist Randy Bewley. Since then, Pylon Reenactment Society has turned into a tight touring unit having performed at festivals and venues on both coasts, the Midwest and the Southeast.

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In addition to Hay, Pylon Reenactment Society is rounded out by Jason NeSmith (Casper & The Cookies) on guitar, Kay Stanton (Casper & The Cookies) on bass guitar and backing vocals, Damon Denton (Big Atomic) on keyboards, and Joe Rowe (The Glands) on drums.

Pylon Reenactment Society is putting the finishing touches on a full-length recording of all new and original material. Hay is also close to finalizing a deal for the reissuing of the Pylon catalog on vinyl. The band continues to receive rave reviews for their releases and their live shows. Fortunate concert-goers can catch them live as follows:

[table caption=” Pylon Reenactment Society Dates (2019)” width=”100%” colwidth=”100|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Date,Local Time,City,State/Country,Venue,Notes
May 26,7:00 pm,Athens, GA,Hendershot’s,with The Vassar Blondes
May 30,11:30 pm,Barcelona, Spain,Primavera Sound Festival, Your Heineken Stage
June 22,8:15 pm,Augusta, GA,Athfest Sampler Miller Theater,with The Producers and The Pauses
June 23,4:30 pm,Athens, GA,Athfest Music Festival, Washington Street Stage
August 17,9:00 pm,Decatur, GA,The Vista Room,,

“Messenger” and “Cliff Notes” ultimately achieve greater heights, illuminating Pylon Reenactment Society’s own thing as they underscore the worthiness of Hay’s former outfit. What a cool slice of double-functioning that is
– The Vinyl District

Two freshly written jams – both are very much in keeping with the original Pylon spirit, with the agitated rhythms of “Cliff Notes” sitting nicely alongside the glowering “Messenger,” and Hay’s vocals sounding like she hasn’t lost a step in the four decades since she first stepped onstage at the 40 Watt Club
– Paste Magazine

Very much in the nervy, danceable Pylon tradition: angular riffs played at breakneck speed with just a touch of Southern twang, and Vanessa’s attitude-filled vocals sounding great as ever
– BrooklynVegan

The new-look band has garnered acclaim for their performances since forming and has breathed new life into the groundbreaking combination of art rock, post-punk and new wave that Pylon created in the early 80’s
– Connect Savannah

A danceable backbeat, a poppy bass-line, a radio-simple guitar lick on low overdrive, and airy synth keys united by Briscoe Hay’s Southern-tinged howls. Her singing style is unique enough to warrant a spot on an all-time list: playful, sometimes atonal and always freewheeling
– Sacramento News and Review