Pyramid Park released their debut album ‘Vulnerability‘ on September 8th, 2017 with critical acclaim. Pyramid Park write catchy alternative/ indie pop songs and have picked up airplay on regional and national radio including in Switzerland and The US with their album reaching number one in the iTunes chart for their chosen genre.

McAllen, Pyramid Parks frontman has had the opportunity to travel extensively performing different cities in the UK, Europe, US and New Zealand.

Recorded in Glasgow at Gloworm Studio’s with producer Iain Hutchison, the alternative pop artist and Hutchison created an album based on their mutual faith. References are as broad as Phoria, Two Door Cinema Club, and Gabriel Khane.

Speaking of ‘Vulnerability’, Pyramid Park’s McAllen states: “The record was written in a time of personal struggle. As a consequence, I couldn’t seem to write songs that meant anything to me, and I was bored of my guitar playing. So, I sat at our piano at home and fumbled my way through a few chords – I really can’t play! As I stumbled and poured out my heart, the song ‘Vulnerability’ came out. Much of this record has been about taking off the masks, writing really honest songs and in this, finding who I really am again. Looking back, songwriting became cathartic.”

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Having performed stacks of events across the UK and Europe (including Freakstock Festival, Germany and Graceland Fest, Netherlands) McAllen has racked up a name for himself as a passionate and thought-provoking performer.

Live Dates:
27th January 2018 – Festival One. Hamilton, New Zealand
10th August 2018 – KingsStock Festival, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

“This isn’t just one man and his guitar, this is a soul-searching sound for a new generation.”
– Louder Than The Music