1. Backbone Rasha Jay 4:21

Rasha Jay has released her new single titled ‘Backbone’. Such a beautiful guitar starts this off and segways right into Rasha’s deep, soulful vocal. This is the heart of the song, Rasha herself. Her singing is amazing. And she has that special talent of making the music fit her message. Brilliant all around with that slow burn of soul gives an honesty to the words that are much deserved.

The song says ‘the world has lost its color’. But, it gained its voice.

About Rasha Jay

New Jersey singer-songwriter Rasha Jay has made a name for herself with her cross—genre soul rock hybrid but her new single, Backbone, sees her taking a more reflective, chilled tone. Written in the aftermath of the deaths of both her uncle and her aunt, Backbone is a heartfelt tribute to both those who have passed and recognising that through grief also comes gratitude and wisdom, an achingly poignant message for everyone who faces the loss of someone they love.

“I wrote this song in February 2020, ahead of a tumultuous year that we didn’t expect here in the US or in the world. I wrote it after hearing about my last uncle passing away on January 1st. I came home and went right to my keyboard and just started talking, then singing, then crying…and what came out of that was not just sadness and grief, but gratitude. My aunt passed away 30 days after him. Again, grief with gratitude. I felt honored to know them, to love them. That’s what Backbone is about–the visuals, the feelings, the notion of recognizing you are what you are because of a connection”.

Shunning guitars and instead focusing on keyboards, Backbone is recorded without any studio fireworks or Pro Tools wizardry, what you hear is Rasha’s first vocal take and the bare minimum of instrumentation, keeping the track as raw and honest as the emotion behind it. No pretence: no manufactured image – Rasha Jay is singing from the heart and looking to connect with each listener on a personal basis – this is song-writing in its purest form, with no attempt to mimic any other artist or fit neatly in a certain genre, only to tell her own story.