Drenched in Electronica and doused with EDM is the best way I can describe the retro-esque sound emulating from the new track from Real Experts, “Don’t Say” featuring Daniel Angelus. In the spirit of Dead Or Alive mixed with The Pet Shop Boys combined with a modern twist Real Experts shows their expertise with the craftsmanship of this beat driven musical kaleidoscope.

About Real Experts:
Real Experts is a London-based synthpop electronic project, headed by Andrew Maley. Their second LP ‘The Trade Off’, released on October 16, is loaded with catchy lyrics and infectious choruses. In following with a tradition this project has become known for, a beautiful rotating door of guest vocalists feature on this album. The first single is ‘Disco Tears’ featuring Daniel Angelus, the lead singer of Surrender Hearts, who has recently shared the stage with T’Pau, Katrina and The Waves, and Musical Youth. Angelus also features on three other tracks.

“Music for me is about sharing emotions through sound. Silence is a canvas which we paint on,” explains Angelus.

Other equally stunning tracks bring diversity offered by other talents. ‘My Love Is Nothing More Than This’ features 18-year-old Eden, who brings in some very London Grammar / Rihanna / Robyn / Adele / Lamb deep tones and stylings.

Mike Burnett features on ‘She Hurts’ and Vivian Marie features on ‘Forever is a Big Word’ – both artists are now based overseas, in Australia and Germany respectively. Real Experts’ member Victoria Knowles’ vocals lace through ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Lemon is Lemon’, which also features renowned British sports journalist Patrick Barclay and is being offered as a bonus to ‘The Trade Off’ LP via Bandcamp.

French/American singer Mimisinga (aka Mimi Corenthin) joins Daniel Angelus on ‘Space Age Love Song’, offering up sonic sounds reminiscent of Macy Gray and Tracy Chapman. When not dabbling in such synthpop, she shows her versatility as a vocalist by performing with the reggae band Dojo.

“It is all about capturing the moment. Hearing something and it making a difference. Having something that matters to you. Happy or sad. Every Real Experts song is designed to be a moment of ‘perfect pop,” explains Andrew Maley. “Music is about being in random situations in life, and within a few seconds, a bar or a beat or a note can change you forever.”

Real Experts recently played some of their most prestigious live shows to date, performing alongside Hot Chip, as well as UK synthpop-scene favorites Vile Electrodes.

“Definitely what Real Experts has here is catchy, charming and endearing. Dramatic fresh retro-rooted future-synth music. I can’t help but refer mind-wise to Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Murder on the Dancefloor, a little Hot Chip, and the tunes from Pet Shop Boy’s epic album Behaviour, but with strong powerful vocals flavoured with dashes of Human League, Dead or Alive and Erasure” – The Record Stache