1. Skin Reebz 3:18

Reebz is set to release her new single titled ‘Skin’ on January 7th, 2022. As outside of the box as you can get musically, without breaking the box, is a song that industrializes the melody and djents the hook. This is a sweet guilty pleasure of angst and anarchy bottled up just long enough to say its bottled before that bottle breaks in your face and gives you a dose of reality. Ingest. Intake. Enthrall.

About ‘Skin’

“SKIN” is the debut single from the new creepy-kid-in-the-corner, REEBZ. A brooding mix of Djent Metal and glitchy Industrial, SKIN encapsulates the very essence of becoming enslaved to the voices in our own minds; the Gods of our own creations. With a full album in the works, REEBZ truly hopes to become your new “favourite-flavour-of-strange”.

About Reebz

Possibly Reptilian, definitely weird…

REEBZ is a somewhere between human and alien; a female solo electronic artist, hailing from the UK. REEBZ creates songs that are influenced by a hybrid of genres from Metal to Dubstep, to Trap.