ReLoVe is not just a band but a way of life. With a roster of rotating artists in their ranks, they aim to not only entertain through their gloriously summery retro-pop and reggae soul gems but also to give back to the poorest sections of the communities where they perform. The band has a passion to share their uplifting music with all people regardless of socio-economic and has plans to create concert sharing events to help the poorest people in need worldwide. Led by their ebullient drummer and vocalist Glenn Jost, ReLoVe combines a 60’s bubblegum soul-pop joy, with a heartfelt desire to make a positive difference to their audience’s lives.

After vacuuming carpets daily for 11x Grammy mastering superstar Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk Studios in New York City, Glenn Jost spent his career playing drums, supporting everyone from former Boston singer, David Victor, to the late comedy God, Robin Williams, but ReLoVe is his chance to put his own music before a wider audience. As one of a rare breed of drummers who play whilst standing up, Glenn is the heart and soul of the band able to switch between the summery glow of Fly Away to the reggae-lite of Shining Through. With producer Victor Bender and soulful singer Sonia Harley joining in, this is happy music to drink cocktails to, with no hidden, murky meanings, just the kind of music you reach for when all you want is to be lost in the moment.

Determined to use music to help directly with the issues of people living on the streets, ReLoVe will perform anywhere and invites business leaders and the corporate world to host non-profit shows within their very own communities to those suffering the most, highlighting the issues and giving donations directly to those people in need.