1. The Stranger Ric Zweig 3:27

The music of Ric Zweig can take you back to a simpler time when FM was king and and video was afraid of the radio star. Raspy, experienced vocals and thick, clear, vintage-tubed guitar give us the assurance that the music that evolves and is still heartfelt is alive and well and floating among us waiting to get heard. By remaining gorgeous and simplistic throughout, Ric gives the spotlight to his troubadour vocals and worn stratocaster while asking for a moment of your time. And, with “The Stranger”, you’re happy to give it.

About Ric Zweig
Ric Zweig music has been played on the following radio outlets: Skope Radio & Magazine, DigiVegas Radio Podcast, New Music Tampa Bay Radio Podcast (featured artist), Radio Rock Cafe, Pongid Radio, Songwriters Variety Show on Achieve Radio (featured artist), iRadioLA 104, and Rockwired Radio Profiles on RockWired Radio (featured artist). While visiting Panama, Ric was invited to do a 15 minute live segment featuring 3 of his tunes and an interview on Panama’s biggest FM Station “Radio Fabulosa” with the host, DJ Ravi J. RZ tunes “Running Out Of Time” and “Puppet” were featured on AcousticRoundtable.com. on its show ‘Writers In The Round’. 2 RZ tunes were added to the playlist at www.PyleTown.org.(Germany) and Ric was selected as a featured artist on the Jimmy Yell Radio Show at the same PyleTown site where “Running Out Of Time” quickly rose to number 1 on their top 20 list.

Pyletown.org, also in May, produced a feature video on Ric entitled, “Court Judge Turns Rocker” which appears on their site as well as on ‘You Tube’. Ric’s recent social commentary tune, “What’s Going On Today” was added to the playlist at Celtica Radio out of Wales, Great Britain. Additionally, the artist recently signed his first licensing agreement with Audio Fount Music Licensing. This non-exclusive arrangement will hopefully expand the reach of RZ music worldwide. Ric’s song “Puppet” was played on a podcast by Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue out of Philadelphia, Pa. Our latest radio placement is Texas’ KTSW and The Songwriters Webcast, the nation’s #1 rated songwriter radio station. Once again, Ric was identified as a ‘Featured Artist’ with 5 RZ tunes in rotation. Most recently in February of 2016, Ric finally cracked local radio in South Florida by having his tune, “I’d Like To Do It Again” played on 880AM on the Nora Adler Show.

SOURCE: Official Bio

“Singer/Songwriter Ric Zweig is a special gem in the mix of today’s indie artists.”
Isaac Davis Jr. of Juniors Cave Online Magazine

“I have to say that Ric Zweig is not Running Out Of Time by any means. Quite the contrary; this singer/songwriter/classic rock musician is just getting warmed up. With the release of this new record, the music world has a lot to get excited about…this timeless artist has an incredible amount of feeling…we have found a real & true artist here. (4 and a half stars out of 5)”
Jimmy Rae of Skopemag.com

“Get the scoop on this fantastic singer/songwriter.” Carlito of Music Emissions writes in recommending ‘Running Out Of Time’, “the style is smooth – majestic even; taking you from the lowest of valleys to the high mountaintops…brilliant chorus sections and hooks, as well as thought provoking lyrics complimented by Ric’s raspy and bluesy voice.”
Dave Kemler of New Music Tampa Bay

“…brilliant flashes of bold honesty in the musical & lyrical content that simply can’t be faked…Zweig really makes the vocal connection with his singing, songwriting & words that sometimes cut like a knife. The songs themselves are powerful musical experiences, each one possessing unique personality, flair & signature groove…It’s a rare find to get this kind of snapshot or music & genuine perspective from an artist. Zweig is one of these brave artists.”
Cyrus Rhodes of Indie Music Digest

“Ric Zweig is a talented musician and songwriter who embodies a charitable and grassroots style that is all but dying off these days. His newest album, ‘Running Out Of Time’ is a collection of heartland Americana and smooth pop songs, that make you feel fine, and want to hop in a convertible, or buy one.” Brian Lush, the radio host of Rockwired Radio Profiles says, “Zweig is in fact revving up the engine with a collection of songs that honestly analyze the highs and lows of love, life and everything”.
Cody Blevins of Vents Magazine

“Songs like ‘Puppet’ and ‘Shine’ sound like radio flavored hits that have cohesive melodies and great arrangements. Alongside these tracks, songs like ‘Mr. Good Vibe’ and ‘What Are We Supposed To Do’ are equally catchy and display Zweig’s ability to construct songs… praise for Zweig’s musicality and considerable vocal ability. Zweig has a grasp on composition that should take him far in his live performances.”
Rukshan Thenuwara of MuzikReviews.com

“If Bob Seger, Tom Petty, and David Bowie were to jam around a campfire you would get an idea of Ric Zweig’s music.” Prominent Music Consultant Eugene Foley wrote the following:, “Your music really brightened my day earlier this month and when music can move me like that, I know it’s something special.”
Russell Eldridge of Target Audience Magazine