Rory Carney has dropped his single ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’. That feeling of nostalgia in a barren real world can be daunting at times. I feel myself, as of late. But DTMP has a way about it; coming from an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve and his mind in his hand. Only the most earnest of lyrics can come from there. This is a song that has that ‘sleeper’ quality. You weren’t expecting it. You listened to it. And it grows on you. It has a subtle personality hard to ignore yet easy to escape with. Life lesson

About Rory Carney

Artist and producer Rory Carney drops his latest hit ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’, a nostalgic pop hit with punk/indie influences. Upbeat and catchy, the track is available everywhere now!

Written, produced and composed by Carney himself, the track jumps in with drums, bass and voice. Made up of layers of interwoven guitar/synth parts, organ and pads aid the progression of the track, culminating in additional backing vocals for the final chorus. The chorus melody is extremely catchy, ending in a lead synth part you’ll be humming all day long.

“Lyrically the track is about feeling you’ve not quite achieved as much as you hoped, a very familiar worry for a lot of adults, but that actually you’ve loved every step of your journey and wouldn’t change your life for anything, even with its downsides.”

Originally from and currently living in London, he’s produced with other artists as well as on his own work. Taking the work through inceptions to mixing, he is a true example of a multi-faceted modern musician. This latest track continues the fine form of his most recent release ‘Bees’ as well as his most successful release ‘In The Shine’, which has over 10k streams on Spotify alone.

With many releases dropping in the coming months, ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’ is set to continue Rory Carney’s exciting musical ascent.