RubyGld Smoke has released their new single titled ‘Getting In Love’s Way’. That old school R N’ B combines with true love and soul with a light look at a deep subject. Harmonies collide with rhythm and form a bond that can never be broken.

About RubyGld Smoke

Yet another product of RubyGld’s undeniable chemistry, “Getting In Love’s Way ” is an anthemic ballad sure to have crowds singing every word alongside the soulful pop duo. The single is the second release from the duo’s upcoming album Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams, out everywhere October 15.

Marking an evolution of the duo’s sound, the soulful performance they’re known to deliver adapts effortlessly to the pop-rock inspired ballad. “It displays a desire to build the evolution of the RubyGld sound around our musicianship and love for live performance,” RubyGld says, “so we began building our production to match that.” This single – sultry, led by silky electric guitar – was constructed to find its spotlight during live performances. In addition to a sound reminiscent of 90’s R&B, this emotional ballad gets to the root of conflict that causes the failure of so many romantic relationships: passive aggressive communication. They sing in the vocals-rich chorus, “maybe you just keep on getting in love’s way, maybe you just won’t stop getting in love’s way,” meaning that despite one’s intentions, they may be the force preventing a flourishing love.

Entertaining the masses with their retro pop music and making marriage look sexy again is only a slice of what this iconic power couple has to offer. Terrance and Dani Jo Williams (RubyGld Smoke) are the entrepreneurs of Quiet Kingdom Recordings and Quiet Kingdom Media Group (film company). The duo is also the founder of Symphony Of Change Inc. – an arts education organization dedicated to equitable arts enrichment programs throughout the US. When Dandria “Dani Jo” Williams met her husband T. L. Williams in early 2014, it was clear from the jump they were made to do something big together. Their undeniable chemistry was evident even as T. L. embarked on an initial solo career, garnering over 3 million streams with hits like “Gettin Mo Money Than You” and “Melanin”. Meanwhile, Dani Jo was a behind-the-scenes contributor through the entirety of T. L.’s 6 album solo run, co-writing songs and adding vocals. The couple, feeling like it was finally time, has now come out front together with an eclectic mix of pop-soul energy a la “Rose Royce”. Fans can stream RubyGld Smoke’s debut album entitled Revolutionary Love, which was released under their label Quiet Kingdom Recordings in November 2020.