Run To Vega has released their new single titled ‘Figurine’. Dropping like a subtle bomb with a quirky mix of guitars, laid back snark, and a penchant for movement in a world that is forced to stand still. The single is from the new EP titled ‘Twilight Tides’ and, in my opinion, is the perfect introduction song to those not familiar with Run To Vega.

The band is tight yet giving that ‘about to fall apart’ vibe that I love in the #indie world because it shows a diversity that goes beyond the originality factor. It shows a flare for a persona. Persona in an age where most artists play follow the leader. That works when originality meets creativity, but when those leaders are Justin Beiber and Kanye West one begins to wonder if there is truly enough Xanax in the world. At least we can run to Vega.

About Run To Vega & ‘Figurine’

‘Figurine’ was written on a long haul flight from Iceland to San Francisco with a notepad and a small lightweight electric travel guitar. The song has feelings of frustration with day to day living, mundane thoughts, and the melancholy of growing up.

Hush was created from an improvised jam by the band in the summer of 2017. The song finds it’s protagonist having trouble sleeping who then breaks into feelings of resentment and anger. It relates to the arguments and the back and forth interactions of intense relationships. ‘Motion’ has been in the pipeline for much longer and was finished off for the EP. The song deals with ideas of isolation and the disconnected nature of living in a limbo of sorts, a tightrope of calm on one side, and angst on the other with a need to stand and make changes.

Sye Christian and Kev Coronel formed the band in March 2016 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The self-titled debut EP – Run to Vega was very melodic with a bold and sentimental feel.

From there, the band’s first single – Riding Hood was an eerie take on the well-known folk fairy-tale. The brooding song coupled with the creepy music video created a darkly menacing atmosphere.

The follow-up single, ‘Limousine’, was an upbeat indie-pop song with a summer feel and positive vibes.

“We have never been afraid to explore ideas and pull from different genres.”

“We have taken our listeners on a journey through various sounds and moods. It’s probably fair to say we have been pretty hard to pin down as a band so far!”

“Where we are right now is really starting to hone in on a sound that has the energy of the more upbeat songs with a darker tone and quirky edge. We’ve been spending more time experimenting with dynamic changes which further add to the atmosphere of the songs.”