1. Next To You Sam Ray 2:51

Sam Ray has struck melodic gold with his new single titled “Next To You”. Catchy and poppy in all the right places, the song is a modern guilty pleasure with the right amount of hooks and just a dab of roughness that all good music needs in order to grab those ears and make you listen. The only complaint I have is that the song is too short. This song should be at least a minute longer. But don’t all good things end too soon?

About Sam Ray
Sam Ray is an indie-pop artist from the south coast of the UK.

Writing and recording from his home studio in Portsmouth, Ray is responsible for writing, performing, engineering and producing his music.

Infusing the glitz and shimmer of the 80s with the hard hitting production of modern rock, Sam Ray evokes the nostalgic dance floor power ballads of yesteryear.

Debut single ‘Modern Art’, released in July, 2016, showcases Ray’s wide range of influences, building on the sound of contemporary indie bands The 1975 and M83, while recalling the pop-punk guitar lines of blink-182 and singsong melodies of The Cure.

On the single, Sam says: ‘Next To You’ is really a love song about a guy who can’t tell a girl he likes her. It’s a sad song, really.

There’s a guy who’s incapable of saying what he thinks even though he desperately wants to – it’s about him conceding to the fact he’s never going to be with the girl, but at the same time not being able to properly let go.

Sam continues.. “The chorus came first in the writing process – that phrase and counter melody just popped into my head, but I had to write and rewrite the verse and pre-chorus a couple times to get it where I wanted it to be. But throughout the writing and production, it was important that the track was both super sad and danceable at the same time”.