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Electronica by design and pure by execution, Scatter Factory give us an excellent preview of things to come with their new single titled “Out the Blocks”. Combining droning elements with a solid melody as well as a multitude of instrumentation, “Out the Blocks” succeeds in becoming a powerful and rhythmic track while not getting bogged down with some of the needless complexities and ambiguities that can sometimes creep their way into electronic based music. Think of this as a modern day score to your classic heart.

Out The Blocks single cover
Out The Blocks single cover

About Scatter Factory
Scatter Factory presents the new single ‘Out The Blocks’ from the forthcoming self-titled debut album. Set for release via Flecktone Recordings, this track delivers us a motorik, ghostly and infectious roller-skate bass groove.

This is the solo project of Will Foster, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and arranger who was a member of acclaimed art-pop band Delicatessen, as well as Top 40 hit-scoring Lodger in the 1990s. He has since written string arrangements for acts under Simon Raymonde’s guardianship, been a touring keyboardist / guitarist with Martina Topley-Bird, Brett Anderson/ Bernard Butler reunion vehicle The Tears, and Heather Nova. Since 2008, Will has been regularly touring and recording as keyboardist with The Fratellis.

Foster neatly sums up his shift in position: “I’m still in the background – but now there’s nobody else there with me.”

Suede’s Brett Anderson, with whom he toured in support of his solo album, describes Scatter Factory’s music as “beautiful stuff”. Scatter Factory is an eloquent instrumental album that manages to be both vividly imagistic and intriguingly open-ended, playing as a set piece while ranging across pastoral tranquillity, cosmic spookiness and indeterminate dread. Composed, played, produced and mixed by Foster at his home in Oxford, this album features an array of electronica, pianos, guitars and percussion, while also making imaginative use of field recordings and treated sounds.

‘Scatter Factory’ is a non-prescriptive record that poses more questions than it provides answers and artist James Marsh, renowned for his Talk Talk album covers, has responded to this with a striking, retro-futurist graphic design for the cover artwork. It’s bold and dynamic in a way that befits someone flying solo for the first time, even if they are obscured by clouds.

From the nine tracks featured on the LP, one other track ‘PowWow’ (edited version) is available for free download and streaming on Bandcamp. Its mix of light-filled lyricism and downright eeriness illustrates Foster’s knack for shifting mood, as well as pace and tone.

As of July 22, ‘Scatter Factory’ will be widely available through digital stores and also as a handsome digipak CD.

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“It’s motorik, it’s ghostly, it’s roller skate bass groove” – Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio)

“Addictive composition loaded with intrigue and dreamery… the umff of bands like Neu! and early Kraftwerk with the melodic sensibilities of legendary soundtrack guru Vangelis” – Overblown Magazine

“Very refreshing and highly melodic with prog-infused synth-based space-inspired perfection” – The Spill Magazine

“A perfect retro-futuristic soundtrack for harmonious space travel and reverie – The Record Stache