Sci-Fi Romance has dropped their new single titled ‘When The Levee Breaks’ from their upcoming album ‘The Rain Becomes a River’ (out on May 8th). A totally new take on the classic Led Zeppelin track, this is not what you would expect from anyone covering Led Zep. This is more of a re-imaging than a cover.

More of a down-trodden feel than the original, you could say that Sci-Fi Romance captures the general mood of the moment, or at least the last few years of such mood, in that we may live in darker times. Face that fact. Having said that, could this be the sound of the next generation? Brilliant interpretation and total redo that totally winds the clock of an already timeless classic.

About Sci-Fi Romance

Sci-Fi Romance is an independent folk band from Los Angeles that blends unique arrangements and a dark, percussive take on acoustic music into a sound that has been labeled “steamfolk.” It began as the solo project of singer/songwriter Vance Kotrla.