If EDM captured the pure essence of spirituality, then it would immediately take the form of “Peace, Love & Understanding”, the new song from South African artist Seraya Young. As if written during a lucid dream, Seraya gives the listener a journey that can only be described as their next experience. This song needs to be experienced, not heard or listened to. Turn the lights off, close your eyes, and open your mind.

About Seraya Young
Born in South Africa into a musical family, at the age of 5, Seraya was discovered by her mother playing the organ (by ear). Too small to reach the pedals if seated, the youngster was standing up playing both left and right hand parts as well the foot pedals. The tune was “Love is a Beautiful Song”, her father’s favorite.

Her vocals and fine tuning for harmonies was developed in church where she sang in choirs and solo for her entire childhood. She started writing her own songs in her early teens. Recording her own music was to come some years later.

Seraya’s passion for music is evidenced in her body of solo work (which she records and co- produces), as well as other music related projects.

As an artist Seraya has performed and recorded in Australia, UK, USA, India and Asia. She has also collaborated with artists and bands. Her compositions have made placements in Film & TV, education, advertising and commercial projects.

Her passion for music is not confiined to her own work. Seraya also prepares and hosts a radio show “The Mess Hall”. This airs in Australia and the U.S. With a soft spot for independent artists the show features new music from all around the globe.

Seraya says:
“Each of my releases has a journey theme. My EP, I Left My Heart in Africa is a journey back to my roots. I grew up in South Africa. We left when I was relatively young. Memories, recollections, stories and experiences are deeply etched in my heart. 

Rather than focus on the challenges experienced within a family of mixed colour (living in a country under the rule of apartheid), this release transmutes confusion, pain and rejection into a celebration of unity, peace and love…. For ourselves, for one another and our precious planet.

“Peace Love and Understanding” recognises the cycles in life, generations, society, culture, the universe. It claims Now as the time ripe for humanity to take the focus away from our differences, to acknowledge how much we are the same, and to let that understanding unite us with love and compassion for one another”.

Tony Bates, Uncut and Unsigned, 3MDR.com says:
“‘Peace, Love and Understanding’ starts off with some haunting chords and then goes electro with a lyrical visit to the past; a very personal visit but one that is relevant to us all and if you have (still) the inner hippy in you, this track will resonate, especially in these current troubled times. Words and lyrics have a power of their own and by taking in songs such as this we could all become better people…..but then that is, perhaps, the inner hippy in me.”