1. Better Than This Serotones 2:44

Serotones has today released their new track titled ‘Better Than This’. Touching a serious subject can sometimes bring the subject home better with a good melody and a hook. That is where Serotones is exactly at and on the mark with ‘Better Than This’. Almost conveyed on a therapeutic level, those who lived and learned and bring the message forward with rebellious bravado and gritty swagger in ways that those who run shit never can. Or will.

About Serotones & ‘Better Than This’

‘Better Than This’ is the brilliant new single from York indie-rock 5 piece, Serotones. Released on 5th March on the excellent, Deadly Records, home of Midnight Alleys.

According to Duke Witter, from the band, the song “describes the painful feelings one may encounter after lots of heavy drug use, including the anxiety and mental stress involved in attempting to withdraw from such substances.”

Serotones, as heard on Radio X and Soccer AM, ‘Goals of the Week’, are a five-piece rock band from York. They have played across Yorkshire and further afield across the UK, selling out the late Fibbers of York back in June 2019. Endorsed by the gurus of great music, This Feeling, their eponymous EP recently passed 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Having built a name quite quickly for putting on an infectious live show the guys have a few surprises up their sleeve for 2021. The Serotones, however are not hanging about in the meantime and are getting on with some consistent releases planned for the coming months so be sure to check them out.