Seven Layer Piano Cakes has officially released his new track titled ‘Middlegame’. Aside from the truly brilliant name, Justin Hoyt has really come into his own with a fresh sounding track that sounds totally original and yet has that ‘just familiar enough’ sonic style to it to attract new fans.

The instruments meld and mold into each other with enough contrast to highlight the diversity in the music but still combine brilliantly to form a memorable hook. This is what music should be.

About ‘Middlegame’

We hear so many songs about life’s beginnings and ends. What happens in between? Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ latest single, “Middlegame”, navigates emotional challenges of a stage in life between young adulthood and early middle-age. It’s a phase in life where one has a good footing of what they want, but still have this fog of uncertainty of the past and future lingering over. “Middlegame” features dark vintage synths and brooding lead guitar work reminiscent of early M83, Miike Snow, and Empire of the Sun.

About Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Seven Layer Piano Cakes is the musical alter ego of Justin Hoyt, a Los Angeles-based attorney and law professor. A new EP “The Patriarch” recently came out of the Bakery (Justin’s name for the studio) featuring three new genre-bending tracks that include elements of dream pop, alternative rock, classic rock, and indietronica.

Justin, a classically trained pianist and vocalist, was inspired to write, perform and produce music that is a throwback to the complexities and sounds of different prior eras. Not content to establish just one sound, “The Patriarch” seems to be a bouillabaisse of sounds, containing feels of acts as diverse as Queen, The Beach Boys, Thrice, Elton John, Beach House, and Sufjan Stevens.

One thing, however is consistent with Seven Layer Piano Cakes, regardless of the song, you will always get some interesting chord progressions, dissonant tones. You’ll always also get some seventh chords, myriad musical layers, emotive piano and intricate vocal harmonies (the “cakes”). And hence the name.

SOURCE: Official Bio