1. Fallen Skies Shade 3:59

Shade are set to drop their new single titled ‘Fallen Skies’ on October 8th. Retro and rock all in the same sentence with a swagger for the lazy cool and middle finger to the sky, ‘Fallen Skies’ takes a musical ‘M. Night Shyamalan’ level plot twist that really amps the music to the next level . It has to be heard to be believed. And it works brilliantly.

About Shade & ‘Fallen Skies’

Just when you think you’ve ‘heard it all before’, along come a new gang who take the pre-conceptions and twist them into their next single, ‘Fallen Skies’, produced by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios, it’s another grand song (and SHADE’s first release post lockdown).

Swaggering out like Manc heritage offspring, ‘Fallen Skies’, tempo twists into a psychedelic dream before hopping dimensions back to anthemic classic rock. SHADE have the skills and ideas – so even the sky’s not the limit.

The SHADE story takes just as many twists and turns as they started playing live in 2019 then releasing music in the pandemic: ‘Neverdie’ (Spring 2020 demo) then, produced by Gavin Monaghan and signed to Lancashire independent, Fear Records, the single releases ‘Head In The Clouds’ (Autumn 2020), ‘Jump Into Heaven’ (Spring 2021) and ‘Test Of Time’ (Summer 2021 – with it’s love letter to Manchester and a superb video by Blueshift Studios)

The feedback is consistently positive – they really are THAT good.

This Summer has added sessions and interviews with two Sky TV appearances with Mark Radcliffe and the weekly new music show, GET ON! via Roobi TV.

Their August home town headline at Manchester’s Off The Square sold out in two weeks. It was an ‘off the hook’ moment. “The celebratory scenes as they leave the stage are more akin to the final whistle in a cup final victory.” witnessed Louder Than War.

Capital letters for a capital band. SHADE are next live on stage again.