Sir Mango has released their new single titled ‘Dry Spell’. A new spin on that special time in music. 20’s flair with 90’s twist. A pure stomp rocker with the grit of grunge and the power of #indie filtered through that Chicago music mindset, Sir Mango inspire the independent.

About Sir Mango

Sir Mango is a new band out of the gritty DIY Chicago scene, keen on taking elements of rock and grunge music and molding it with modern sounds. A band of creatives and songwriters, the goal is to create beautiful and revolutionary art, all within the alt rock/pop arena. Now the band return with their second single this year, ‘Dry Spell’. With a 90s-grunge appeal and a surf-rock vocal line, the new track has an infectious and propulsive energy.

“It’s a fast-paced, nonstop, spur of the moment song that bursts out of the gates and doesn’t slow down. With it’s minimalistic lyrics and simple structure it’s a very fun song to rock to on repeat.” Sir Mango share

Sir Mango demonstrate their versatility as a band with this lively new release which contrasts in sound to their latest more somber single ‘A True Headcase’. The intention of Sir Mango’s music is to combine the feeling of a huge rock band with catchy melodies, poetic lyricism, and boundary pushing production.

Through the ups and downs of experiences with countless different bands, Sir Mango has come together with a common desire to do something special and long-lived, with an emphasis on being one of the next important and influential bands for years to come.

Featured image by Robbie Botts.