Skanger is set to release their new single titled ‘A Chance To Count The Cost’. Like a smooth afterglow of originality and brilliance, Skanger presents a laid back and smooth track of subtle electro-pop that would normally be cheesy, yet, Skanger pulls it off with ease because they do it with heart.

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About Skanger

In 1980’s club culture there was a certain time of the evening when the music would pause as a gush of dry ice billowed across the dance floor. This was the signal for the ancient mating ritual of ‘The Slow Dance’.

As the sound of cheesy pop dissipated into the shadow of the dry ice, prospective lovers would nervously exchange glances across the dance floor hoping for some Saturday night romance (and maybe even miss the last bus home).

A Chance To Count The Cost is the second single from Dublin duo Skanger and is a homage to the slow sets of 80’s club culture. They are joined on additional vocals on this song by Jenna Harris an exceptional Jazz vocalist who performs with her band Berri alongside her own avant-garde performance’s for voice and electronics.

Their debut single Condolences was released in June 2020 to critical acclaim.
Their debut album will be released in 2021.

Skanger is Mark Healy and Colin Morris.

Are ya dancin’..?