Skellums’ last release, their EP Clarion Call, received worldwide airplay and was championed by BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq. Following its success, the band return with a double A-side single ‘Art of Dying Young / Do Me Wrong’. Both tracks boast sharp, dexterous lyrics delivered with passion and personality, and accompanied by strong, ridiculously catchy melodies.

If revolution is the engine of history then boredom is the puncture in the tyre… Skellums formed because there was nothing else left to do.

According to Cal Roberts (vocals and guitar) ‘When you live in a North Wales nowhere town you need two things. Something to shake the monotony, and a way to vent frustration. You grow up devouring music. You escape into it. It kills the boredom… It might be the norm these days for bands to pretend they’re only influenced by the super trendy or obscure, but for Skellums, there’s no shame in listening to paint it by numbers pop.”

“When you are a kid and your mom turns on the radio, you just absorb whatever the hell comes out. You don’t like it all, of course you don’t, but it all goes in. Its up to you what you do with it. After a time, you branch out and discover your own tastes, all that obscure stuff hiding in the shadows of the internet. Noisy guitars and guttural howls make sense when you are growing up, but a decent pop song will never leave you.

You start smashing at your cheap guitar your mom got you from Argos. You’re pissed off because your surroundings seem to be designed to turn you into your parents. Get up. Go to work. Make

ends meet. Pay the rent. Repeat. You start writing songs. Vent. Vent. Vent. You try but you still can’t shake the pop song, so what do you do? You hide it under the noisy guitars.”

Skellums are coming…

The Band:
Roberts – Vocals/Guitar
Crichton – Bass.
Seery – Guitar/Vocals
Courtney – Drums.

Live Dates:
April 20 – Green Room, Sheffield
April 22 – Mono, Chorlton
April 23 – Telfords Warehouse, Chester
May 12 – Focus Wales Festival (Saith Seren)
May 13 – Focus Wales Festival (Rewind)
May 20 – Zanzibar, Liverpool
June 18 – Chester Live Festival