sobhhï delves into the realm of dual language songwriting with his English/Arabic spin on the R&B with his new future classic titled ‘Facts Up’. The track is a stylistic original piece that delves in subtle yet multiple creative shifts while staying true to the originality at hand. Expect big things from sobhhï.

About sobhhï
Singer-songwriter sobhhï has carved out a distinct lane in the crowded alt-R&B circuit, with his distinctly recognizable voice and signature self-produced ‘TrapSoul Nocturnal’ production. And now, sobhhï has released a brand new single: facts up. The song serves as the first single from sobhhï’s forthcoming EP – Black I – out later this month.

‘Facts Up’ invokes feelings of late-night lust, encapsulating the all too familiar feeling of yearning for an absent lover. Braggadocious but elegant, sobhhï invokes vivid scenes of eroticism in the deep, dark hours of the night. sobhhï makes no qualms about his nocturnal cravings, intimately professing his desires directly to the one he wants, making the song profoundly intimate. The production is decidedly stripped back which allows sobhhï’s vocals to shine through and makes the matter-of-fact lyrics that much more impactful (bought you that Fendi, just so I could ruin it).

sobhhï shared some words about the songwriting process:

“I work hard in my writing process to make sure that the lyrics speak for themselves. For that reason, I don’t have much to say here. But hopefully, I was successful in portraying the events of the song in an empty place with no people, no ambiance, and no distractions. And of course, at night.”

The Dubai/ California-based singer-songwriter seamlessly blends English and Arabic lyrics on facts up, so subtle in fact that if you weren’t listening intently, you may not even pick up on the intertwined dialects. (Abgha ashofek alheen // Pull up in the limousine). facts up is the first instance of sobhhï singing in different languages on a record, no easy task but executed flawlessly.

“I was challenging myself to amalgamate urban contemporary music and Arabic in a way that felt natural. I want western listeners to hardly notice that I’m speaking a different language and for those who recognize Arabic to do a ‘double-take.’ The opening line is spoken in a dialect coming from the west strip of Saudi Arabia. This isn’t my native tongue, but by way of my music and my curiosity about the region and its culture, I am grateful to have made many Saudi friends over the years. They speak to me in Saudi and have become very close. Through them, I learned a lot about social issues, customs, and language. One night, I was speaking to one of my closest friends and earliest listeners from Saudi and she told me, ‘I wanna hear you speak Saudi.’ So I did… I don’t think she had any idea I was about to put it on wax.”

sobhhï’s forthcoming EP – Black I – is his third project to date, following 2018’s Red I and Red II. Continuing the color palette-themed EP series, Black I will be released in full on February 19th.

SOURCE: Official Bio