Somewhere between the states of consciousness and lucidity lies Solitude In Apathy. Formed in Italy in 2016, Solitude In Apathy has developed an almost cinematic style within their genre that captivates the listener while drawing you in their creative realm with their new single titled ‘The Other’. This song is simply beautiful.

About Solitude in Apathy & ‘The Other’
“The Other”, the first Solitude in Apathy single taken off their debut EP, was recorded at Vipchoyo Sound Factory studios with Giacomo Salzano of italogaze starwarts Stella Diana.

The song, composed spontaneously during a rehearsal, is built around a single sentence (“In the other, try to see”) and is about the will to understand the other or simply oneself, reaching its epilogue with the inability to truly do it; the same themes underpin the fascinating video directed by Gaetano Massa.

Solitude In Apathy are Santina Vasaturo (vocals, bass), Gennaro Cristiano (guitar) and Diego Niola (drums); the band was formed in Naples in 2016.

Their influences range from shoegaze to darkwave and alternative rock, with a hint of gothic. They have supported bands like Stella Diana and Rome in Monochrome; their debut EP is due out later this year.