Greece’s Sonic Blast has just released their new single titled ‘Quest For Camelot’. Featuring a classic sound in the veins of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, Sonic Blast brings a breath of fresh air with that combination of Headbanger’s Ball and fresh creativity to give a near perfect preview of their upcoming album, ‘Humanity Divided’.

About Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast is a Greek Heavy Metal band. The band was formed in Kozani, Greece (2015). Nick Dedes (Guitar) and Dimitris Gkatziaris (Guitar, Bass) were the founding members, while Thimios P. (Drums), Nick Vogiatzis (Keyboards), and Dimitris Vachtsevanos (Vocals) are the latest additions. The band has participated in local music festivals such as “Sourdstock” and “Kozani Four”.

The first Album titled ‘Humanity Divided’ is expected to be released soon.