1. Shoot The Witness Strangers Know More 3:42

Groove heavy and guitar steady is the best way to describe the new single from Strangers Know More titled “Shoot the Witness”. Going old school with a new twist and heavy hooks abound, SKM take the classic rock genre into the 21st century with an original twist that only this three piece can accomplish. The thing that sticks out for me in this track is the live sound. I actually get a sense at how this band sounds live. Could this be recorded live in the studio perhaps? Who knows. All I can tell you is that if you want a raucous journey into the seedy underbelly of groove rock then don’t consult your friends, because Strangers Know More.

About Strangers Know More
The three members of SKM are definitely no strangers to the business of making quality, original punk, rock and blues influenced tunes for our listening pleasure.

Sam Burnett, Chris Ames and Stuart Mizon have been releasing material both separately and collectively since the late seventies. Each member of the trio has at some time found success with bands such as Department S, Rubella Ballet, and Marabou. It seemed kind of inevitable that their respective talents should come together in SKM. The result is a blistering culmination of dirty guitar riffs fused with the energy of new wave and punk. To whet the appetite for upcoming shows and new material, SKM  made the track “Shoot the Witness” (from the album “Rumours, Lies, Tears & Tantrums) available to stream on Soundcloud.

The driving bass and drums combined with the raw guitars and Chris Ames’ vocals are not unreminiscent of Rory Gallagher at his best (circa 1974). The members of SKM may have been working at this thing we call music on and off for many years, but they sure ain’t gonna slow down for anybody. Check out “Shoot the Witness”

SOURCE: Official Bio