In a business like mine you tend to get somewhat jaded with the music industry let alone music in general. I can’t honestly say that about Sun Arcana and his new track, “Oblique”. The track has a sound to it that is clearly original enough for Sun Arcana to call himself a pioneer. The track starts off with a thick, droning guitar and bass heavy intro and the drums are strong throughout. The verse enters like a phantom to give the listener time to collect what the song is about before the chorus picks up where the intro left off. From there you are on a musical journey that fits the title of the song. Like I said, as the title suggests, “Oblique” is neither here nor there and leave much to the imagination and, like all things oblique, you are left to your senses and this song will indulge them.

The track has been mixed by Steve Belgrave, who’s worked with The Killers, Jack White, Beady Eye, Katy Perry and more.


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