1. Greta Sunstroke Rain 3:52

Sunstroke Rain is set to drop their new track titled ‘Greta’ on March 26th. Set as a social commentary for the modern times, the music is fitting as it is highlighting. Beautifully and electronically crafted to a dance beat which makes the undanceable subject entertaining. This sound is infectious, to say the least.

About Sunstroke Rain

New and distinctive, with deft craftsmanship and right on the nose lyrics, and all this wrapped up in a refined and cool soundscape. Artpop; songs flowing from rhythm and dance, to laidback ambiences with beautiful vocals and squishy noises of electro. The singer and composer Sunstroke Rain (an anagram of Karin Turesson) who has played earlier with artists such as Tingsek, Ebbot, Annika Norlin, Nina Persson and Robyn now performs her own compositions backed by Olivia Lyne and Lisa Frisk.

The group delivers a sophisticated sound where the sounds are meticulously worked out. The music is performed on three keyboards, three mics with backing tracks, 3 part harmonies and a bottom end filled with swampish heavy and groovy Moog bass.

The sharp lyrics describe and comment on our ever-changing contemporary society with humour and pathos. (Trump, Greta Thunberg etc) Karin Turesson released her debut “Källan” 2008 and has spent the last six years in France where she has performed with her own music, and as the artist of the month at the Cultural House in Nimes. Since the Sunstroke Raindebut last year, several interesting gigs have been booked and industry people have praised the music.

During the spring of 2020, 1 new single is released and an album is getting ready-produced by her and Jens Lindgård who owns the studio and plays in Timbuktu’s backing band, “Damn”.

About Karin Turesson

My life is and always has been music. When I was a child I rushed home throwing my school satchel to one side drawn to the piano like a magnet. It started with Fräulein Fritsch as we were then living in Germany, and continued with Svea when we moved to Sweden. It was she who encouraged me to write music. I gradually got into Malmö Academy of Music. After that I began working with different artistes, Nina Persson (The Cardigans), Robyn, Tingsek, Hello Saferide, Ebbot (Soundtrack of Our Lives) as well as composing music for theatre, films and television.

I have written music for symphony orchestra and for Swedish Television news programmes, for adverts produced by Vision Recording, Pogofilm, Modfilm, Mekano Film & TV, Nordisk Film & TV. I have written for documentary films and animation films as well as writing music for film director Roy Andersson.

I’ve been awarded several prizes and scholarships from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and STIM, as from SKAP ( – The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors. SKAP holds the presidency of ECSA – European Composer and Songwriter Alliance and collaborates via ECSA with MCNA, Music Creators North America. )

Since a year I’ve been working with new music in the “Sunstroke Rain” project