Sweet Nobody has today premiered their new single titled ‘Here Comes The Summer’, originally by The Undertones. Originally recorded for a pre-pandemic era, the song fits perfectly in the times of the present, or at least feels desperately needed for this upcoming summer. Hopefully this upcoming summer fits the mood of this song and lends itself as the soundtrack for the mood with that happy-go-lucky mood-swing to the positive and light buzz-saw guitar work layering colors of pastel over everything dark and gloomy. Added bonus for the happy monster hook and breezy way about the song that uncovers those smiles and scares away those Corona-cooties.

About ‘Here Comes The Summer’

In 2019 before we started recording We’re Trying Our Best, we wanted to record a cover to shake off some rust and see if Hurley’s studio would be a good place to work on the album.

In the midst of a busy studio schedule we arranged a quick session at Hurley with our friend Davey Warsop engineering and knocked it out in 4 hours. Our guitarist Casey, stuck in traffic, was unable to make it for the lead parts, so that’s me in true punk rock spirit hacking my way through the guitar solo.

Pre-pandemic we thought it might be fun to wait to release it just prior to the summer of 2020 but as the pandemic progressed and the months became bleaker and bleaker we decided against it. It was definitely wrong for that summer but it feels right for the summer of 2022–we haven’t had a more hopeful one in awhile!

About Sweet Nobody

Sweet Nobody is an indie pop four piece from Long Beach, California. Their album Loud Songs For Quiet People, recorded with Joel Jerome(dios malos) was released in 2017 and lead single Manner Of Speaking became the theme song for Youth & Consequences on YouTube Red.