Pumped up with poptastic energy fit for the masses and delivered as a glorious sonic shower through the speakers, Temper Cartel solidify a spot on the new face of indie music with this solid piece of future-classic stomp rock!

'Crusade' cover
‘Crusade’ cover

About Temper Cartel
Temper Cartel is a furious, often introspective four-piece, fusing an indie work ethic with huge alt-rock anthems and a subtle sprinkling of psychedelia that manifests itself within the hard-hitting new single and child-esque tantrum inspired video for ‘Babysitter’.

Having recruited over 40 fans, friends and strangers alike for the new visuals, Temper Cartel have come up with the goods for the video of ‘Babysitter’, tapping into the band’s political influences with the help of director A. Rigozzi, who interpreted the track’s opening line ‘I don’t need a babysitter’ as relating to the frustration at an over controlling government. To set the scene, frustrations were running high in the lead up to the last general election and so during the filming of the video, the ‘cast’ were taken through steps by an actor to revert back to their childhood and take out their anger in their infantile own way – hence the name ‘Babysitter’.

The Strypes and The Bluetones are just a couple of names that the band have played with in the past, leading to glowing reviews and support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing Oxford, Emerging Indie Bands and Nightshift Magazine who commented that: ‘At their best they’re anthemic, even elegant: a little bit Oasis, a little bit Pulp and quite a bit Space.’

Consisting of Danny Fisher (lead guitar/arrangements), Josh Alden (rhythm/lead vocal/lyricist), Sam Alden (drums) and Everton Barbato (bass guitar), Temper Cartel blend crunching guitar riffs and delicate ethereal tones in a marriage of two distinctly different guitar styles. Along with heavy, somewhat tribal drums and bass lines that will stick in your head for days, front-man Josh Alden’s satirical, self-deprecating lyrics drip with political undertones.

As mentioned, the band is significantly influenced by politics, but also literature, with front-man Josh taking inspiration from iconic authors such as George Orwell and Charles Bukowski, who he often subtly nods to within his clever lyricism.