1. Come And Get It The Causeways 4:21

The Causeways have released their new single titled ‘Come And Get It’. A boppy and welcoming sound with slight tinges of rock and sway, ‘Come And Get It’ is the perfect track to get you going on days you find it hard to. As uplifting as it is raucous and slightly rebellious, the track is the perfect gateway drug track to introduce you to your next favorite #indie artist. 2022 is sounding better already.

About The Causeways

Wirral-based alternative rock group The Causeways released their debut single Quietly in November 2020, walking a line between indie pop and mellow rock. Now, they’re pushing boundaries to develop their own alternative sound.

The Causeways have influences that are clear to see, with Merseyside acts such as The Coral and The Beatles being two big bands that the quartet draws inspiration from. A more comparable band would be The Kooks as The Causeways too have acoustic guitars wrapped up in warm vocals with a distinctive sound that has a hazy and yet vibrant tone.