Melbourne-based hard rock outfit The Charge are returning (after a 12 month hiatus of playing live!) in July with a hard-out rock single, ‘Acid in My Veins” – for release on July 17th. The single comes as they are about to take the stage in Melbourne at Whole Lotta Love that same day.

The belting, rollicking single is all about the concept of Rebirth and will be a part of their forthcoming album, “The Order of the Owl.” The entire album and it’s narrative about The Order of the Owl are rooted within the idea of rebirth, the end and the great divide between the “haves” and the “have nots.” It is about a growing group of rebels living underground after “the end” has all gone down – a group whose spirit is not defeated.

The Charge will be taking the stage with Lillye and Black Mars at Whole Lotta Love on July 17 – a taste of what is to come in the approaching months. The track is a solid prelude to the album, which is yet to have a release date set. A filmclip for the single will drop the same week.

Formed in 2008 around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Ashley Jones, drummer Ben Cuthbert, bassist Julian Crupi, and guitarist/vocalist Hamish Mills. One of the more notable New Wave of Australian Progressive Rock/Metal acts, a genre spawned in the mid-‘00s by bands like COG, The Butterfly Effect, Karnivool and Dead letter Circus, The Charge’s innovative, lyrically astute blend of 90’s grunge, hard rock, progressive rock and metal has helped position the band as one of the prominent hard rock acts on the Australian scene.

The Charge’s newfound popularity eventually landed them several high profile shows and tours, and saw them share the stage with several long time influences Bugdust, Dead Letter Circus, King Parrot, Floating Me, Over-Reactor and The Nerve, as well as three consecutive years in a row performing at Rock the Bay and Rock N Load as well as Brewtality Festival.

The single will be available on iTunes and from thecharge.com.au from July 17 and tickets are on sale now for their Melbourne Whole Lotta Love show on the same day.