1. Pictures Of You The Crocked Monsieurs 3:51

The Crocked Monsieurs are Chris Howard (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer) and Colin Batters (vocalist, guitarist, harmonicist, composer, and producer).

The band formed in 2013, though the duo’s musical partnership dates back much further through Chris and Colin’s time spent playing together in various covers bands.

The band has released three singles released to date, with ‘Home Sweet Home’ achieving over 219,000 views on YouTube as well as being selected as Song of the Week on radio stations up and down the UK. The proceeds from the single were donated to the charity Refuge, set up to support victims of Domestic Violence. The Crocked Monsieurs’ debut album, released in July 2015, was also received really well. ‘Bordering’ the Trainline’ was selected as Album of the Week by a number of UK radio stations, helping the band win an ever increasing number of fans who are drawn to their George Harrison inspired brand of pop.