The High Loves drop their new single titled ‘Tried Too Hard’. The High Loves give a short but sweet performance filled with hooks and harmony in a singalong style rock anthem fit for the stadium.

About The High Loves

Winners of the 2019 John Lennon Songwriting Contest with their song ‘High Rise’, The High Loves are a Toronto based Indie Rock four-piece, inspired by the likes of eternal greats The Beatles, and more recent Indie darlings such as The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. This band is on a mission — to bring good, sensible, Pop music to everyone you know — to be classic, and yet to be novel — to be at home near the world of conventional classic songwriting, and yet to not be alien to the world of experimentation. How can one simultaneously be modern, and yet nostalgic? To draw from yesterday, and yet be as fresh as tomorrow’s news? Ask The High Loves.