The Jones Title has premiered their new track titled ‘Hear Me Out’. Brash and dash from that first iconic guitar chord, The Jones Title shout out the announcement that they are hear and begin your next favorite song with a hook filled declaration of musical bliss and anthemic rebellion.

‘Hear Me Out’ lives up to its title. This song is as memorable as it is musically rough. There are hints of punk and a pinch of pop lead by a sonic duo of guitars and vocals, each vying for your attention and both getting it. But, the real hero of this track is the tightness of the band and the caffeine infused songwriting that will really get you. This is a song to start your day off, especially if that day is looking to be long. ‘Hear Me Out’ is like a can of Red Bull coming out of your ear buds. That’s a good thing.

About ‘Hear Me Out’

Brian wrote this song years ago during his solo days as a semi-self effacing demand for attention from peoples in bars and clubs where he was playing. The result is in no way subtle but it has been effective. The song is punchy, blunt and brash as the vocals scream ‘I wanna hurl a molotov through the storefront of your soul.’

The general feel could be described as ‘The Arctic Monkeys At The Opera.’

We’re happy with the electricity we managed to capture in this recording, it definitely reflects the energy we bring to this tune when we play it live. We also manage to sneak in some playful 70’s organ parts that add to the kitsch.

About The Jones Title

The Jones Title is a scrappy NYC rock band formed in 2018. Percussionist Justin Gray reached out to his childhood friend and garage bandmate Brian Detlefs about taking advantage of the rehearsal facilities Gray enjoyed with his role as a teaching artist for Carnegie Hall’s education program.

As luck would have it, Detlefs had been talking with bassist Roger Mulligan about playing together, and Mulligan knew that longtime friend and collaborator Joey Vaughan was looking for a project where he could explore the guitar without the burden of providing vocals. The chemistry was instant, but it wasn’t lost on any of them that after starting at Carnegie Hall, there was nowhere to go but down.

Three years, many performances and countless hours later, The Jones Title are trying to prove themselves wrong by self- releasing an ambitious double album released over 4 EP.s With the debut Ep scheduled for release late 2021.